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This page is about the list of episodes. look below to see all the episodes so far the Shake it Up! series will have 3 seasons maybe even more!

Season 1Edit

Episode 1 : Future it Up (My way)

FutureItUpGlimpseReCe (1)

Episode 2 : Where is the Clock?

Episode 3 : Two Girls and One Crown

Episode 4 : Where did he go?

Episode 5 : Locked in a Tub

Episode 6 : Logan's New Phone

Episode 7 : One Day with Double D  (crossover)

Main Cast Edit

Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones (all seasons)(Future-CeCe Hessenheffer)

Zendaya Coleman as Rocky Blue (all seasons)(Future-Rocky Hunter)

Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue (all seasons)

Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenhefer (all seasons)(Future-Tinka Blue)

Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez (all seasons)

Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones (all seasons)

Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenhelfer (all seasons)

Recurring roles Edit

Leo Howard as Logan Hunter (season 1-2 recurring, season 3-present main)

Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia (all seasons recurring)

Anita Barone as Georgia Jones (all seasons recurring)

R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde (all seasons recurring)

Season 2Edit

Episode 1 : Bathroom Problem It Up (part 1)

Episode 2 : Bathroom Problem it up (Part 2)

Episode 3: Break It Down, Chicago! It Up

Episode 4: Old memories it up
Zendaya & Bella Thorne IMG 3268

Episode 5: Big Time Rush it up (special)

Episode 6: Adventure it Up (special)

Episode 7: Marvin it Up (special)

Episode 8: Dance it Up (special)

Episode 9: Carnival it up

Episode 10: Leave it Up

Episode 11: Co host It Up

Episode 12: Gunther It Up

Episode 13: Tinka It Up

Episode 14: Love It Up

Episode 15: Goodbye It Up (Season finale)


  • Leo Howard as Logan Hunter will be a recurring role in season 1 and will stay a recurring role in season 2 and become regular cast member in season 3.
  • Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenhefer was and is part of the main cast.
  • Anita Barone will have a recurring role in all the seasons.
  • Ainsley Bailey will be a recurring role for all the seasons.
  • R. Brandon Johnson will have a recurring role in season 3. 

Season 3Edit

Episode 1: Song It Up

Episode 2: Record It Up

Episode 3: Break-up It Up

Episode 4: Frenemies It Up

Epiaode 5: Shut Down It Up

Episode 6: Reopen It Up

Episode 7: Kickin' It Up (Crossover)

Episode 8: Double Reality Check It Up

Episode 9: Logan It Up

Episode 10: CeCe It Up

Episode 11: Rocky It Up

Episode 12: Face the Reality It Up

Episode 13: Old Country It Up

Episode 14: Graduation It Up: Part 1

Episode 15: Graduation It Up: Part 2

Episode 16: Liv It Up