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Hey guys I know you may think there will officially be no season 4 for shake it up but listen to this. Kickin it was suppose to end after three seasons but the fans were able to get a season 4, yes I said it they got a season four even though it was supposed to be end after three seasons.

A Few Words of Inspiration

Kickin it is just as good as Shake it up so why can't we have a season 4 too? The fans are as good as we are so if they could get a season 4 made why can't we?

How You Can Help

Okay so here is how you can help. There is a website where you can send emails to the producers for a season 4.

If we all gather up together and send emails, Disney will notice us for sure.

If there is a new event on that website and we have so many fans sending emails, Disney could consider making a season 4.

It's not to late here is the link, send emails do whatever as long as it can save shake it up!

My Last Words

If you love shake it up then help it, it might not be too late, the least I could ask for us a proper ending or a movie. So are you going to help shake it up? And forgot to give you the link so here it is:

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